The mission of Worship is Life is to proclaim biblical worship as the key to growing God’s kingdom. The primary avenue for pursuing this mission is through a weekend of ministry in a local congregation. The vision is to strengthen the Church in her mission to reach the world by helping believers say “yes” to a life of worship.

Over the last 50 years our church culture has formed us to identify ‘worship’ as our time of praising and glorifying God through music and song. But biblical worship involves so much more! The Scriptures describe worship as a pattern by which God works; God reveals himself to us and then invites us to respond. This pattern of revelation and response is the pattern by which God calls us to live our lives. As we live by this pattern throughout our days, the Lord works through us to touch those around us and grow his kingdom! Worship is Life!

An ideal weekend of ministry would include: a conversation with the lead pastor(s) about the worship life of the church, delivering the ‘Worship Is Life’ message to the congregation, meeting with the pastors, leaders, and musicians for a workshop style teaching and discussion that centers on a theology, philosophy, and implementation of biblical worship.

Worship stands at the center of who we are as God’s people. We are his temple and his priests. We are the dwelling place for his presence and we are the ones who serve him.

This message and teaching is an ancient truth presented in a fresh way that will both challenge and encourage the church to glorify the Lord so they may be built up and strengthened to stand strong in this world and to reach this world.

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